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Dragons' Parliament (and OOC Meeting)

Well, here I am again, pimping another event:

Council of War
& Dragons Faction OOC Meet

Dragons I cry unto you!
One ancient enemy lies defeated; a host more still sully our lands with their vile filth. We must forge a new future, build a new destiny and become the legends that will echo through the ages for all eternity.
I call all to attend a council of war; we will make our enemies bleed and regret the day they stood against the might of our fury.

Rioghan Ddraig

The Event
This event contains both the OOC meeting and IC Council of War. The Council of War is a three day event from 11th - 13th March 2011. Camping is available.

The OOC meeting will take place from 11.00 am until 2.00pm on Saturday 12th and will be restricted to Dragon Players only*. The IC section of the event – the War Council – is open to any Dragon players and their allies. Should Dragon players wish to only attend the OOC section of the event on Saturday morning, this will be free of charge

IC this event will be taking place at the Lord Dragon’s Hall on Caer Dannon.

Event Venue
Horley Scout Camp
Wroxton Road,
OX15 6AU

£35 in advance, £45 on the gate.

Online booking can be made here

Catering is available for Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast and Lunch.
Catering likely to be £20 per head (Prices being finalised).

*This means our guests get three hours to talk amongst themselves, and do their own dealings without fear of being interrupted by the Dragons... :)

Burns' Night

I have haggis, neaps and tatties, and whiskey.
That is all.



A brief update.

This, like my previous two posts, brings more info about the Dragons' October event.

Le Singe de la Web has been busy, and has got the online booking system up and running.

Details of the event are in my previous post.

If you want to book for it, and haven't already come to some arrangement with the organisers, and want to try our spangly new system out (it does work, we've tested it), you can do so by going to http://www.dragonsfaction.org/events/details/9/ and clicking on the Book Places link under the Booking header.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Dragons October Event.

The Dragons' Ocotber event is the 22nd-24th October.
Or at least it's supposed to be.
Right now, they're thinking about pulling it, due to lack of both monsters and players.

A lot of people have been saying they're going to book, but as it stands, have not yet sent their forms in.

This, therefore, is a reminder to those who said they would book, or might book, and a suggestion to those who don't know what they're doing on that weekend:

Book for the Dragons' Event.

Forging The Dragon - Part 1:


Fellow Dragons,
A banner destroyed, an ancient bond broken and the land cries out in torment.
The Dragon has been dealt a grievous blow and our enemies are quick to see us buried. Now is the time to take a stand, to show that the Dragon is truly to be feared. We will claim our birthright in blood. We will begin our fight in Connaught to destroy the unliving abomination Gruffydd. Our enemies shall learn that Dragon soil is not their prize but their grave.

Rioghan Ddraig


Play, and be a Big Damn Hero. We will take back our land from anything that gets in our way. Now is a time to make your mark on the Dragons, and help pull the people back from the edge of despair and destruction.

Monster, and be... Well... Everyone else... :)

The booking form can be found here.

The event is at Horley Scout Camp, Banbury, Oxfordshire, and is free to monster.
Player spaces are £40.
Payment on the gate (at £45) can be arranged with command@dragonsfaction.org
Catering is available at £20 for the weekend.

I look forward to seeing you there.

I'm not sure...

... whether to be amused or concerned.

Two ladies of my acquaintance, when trying to describe me, came up with this gentleman.


Five months since my last communique...

... And it feels like I've spent most of them in the field.

Well, I've spent the last two weeks in the field. That's tiring enough.
I've just escaped - literally, as I'm writing this on the train - and we've just about finished dropping the Circle. The FX trailer has had a good sort out, and we've gained 14 12" Logitech bass speakers, which fit nicely in the space we made.
We also fixed the cracked cables as we took them down, so hopefully at the Spring Moot next year, all the audio will work.
Back to the Logitechs for a moment - They have better response and range than the massive horn cabs we use, but have one big flaw - the moment you stick them behind cladding it kills the sound. And, amusingly, they appear to destructively interfere across the circle, but ye gods, they constructively interfere when you get about 60 feet away... There may be some strange speaker mounting going on next year.

In other news... Flynn is still alive, for my regular readers.
However, thanks to certain people, who shall remain nameless, Erin and Cymrija are in somewhat of a state. The next couple of years are going to be interesting as we try to rebuild the land - from the ground up. Any of my non-LRPing readers (or my non-Dragon Lrping readers looking to jump factions), now would be the right time to join the Dragons.

Tame a land.
Rescue the populace
Rebuild a nation.
In short, be a Big Damn Hero.

You know you want to.

I realised about three paragraphs ago that I'm not actually in control of this thread. It's gone stream of conciousness on me, and my right hand is just using the pencil in it to write whatever it feels like at the time, and that I should probably put LJ-cut tags in, but, right now, I'm buggered if I can remember how to do them.
That being the case I shall stop writing, and leave you in peace.



I cooked a curry from scratch...Collapse )
Serves two CJ sized portions, or probably three normal sized portions, but may serve more or less depending on how hungry they are.

 Collapse )


Shameless Advert.

Okay. I know that many of you whose friends pages I crop up on are insane sugar freaks.
I therefore have something for you.

Jane's Tablet.
Traditional Scottish tablet, made by a traditional Scottish lady.
It's incredible. Sweet, soft, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth and only slightly more addictive than crack.

I currently have four of the available flavours, following a brief trip to the website last week.
Plain, ginger, walnut and chocolate - And they're all great. The four bars arrived on Tuesday, and I'm already beginning to worry about running out.

No, I'm not on commission. I just thought some of you guys needed to know about this site.

Due to public demand...

... The beard will make another appearance.

Happy now? :P


Rather tired, now...


Currently sat in a Travelodge in Birmingham, waiting for the taxis to take the Orchard User Group to a networking evening, and listening to The News Quiz.

Further to the Serenity event, I have shaved off the beard.
It does change the shape of my face, and as much as I am glad to be free of it, I do think I did look quite good with it - as did several of the people I work with.
Now they tell me. :P
But I digress. It's unlikely to come back until the next Serenity event.

I spent a quiet evening last night watching The Rock (Sean Connery, not Dwayne Johnson), and stitching Bridges' namebadge to his overalls. It looks quite good. I think I need a few more patches - an APMC one on the left shoulder, and something, probably some form of statement of mechanical skill on the right - Patches showing 'Verse spaceships and stating "Certified Mechanic", or something. Depending on the cost, I might try getting ones for a Traveller, a Firefly, a Barracuda, and possibly something like a Mandrake, just for a laugh. :)


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