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More Tabletop Terrain.

I'm not dead.
Despite the distinct lack of posting in ages.

The Battle Systems Sci-Fi terrain arrived in mid-July. I like it. I'm still working on building it all - I'm taking a piece of advice from one of their videos and sealing the edges with superglue as I press them out of the sheets. And I sit down and do a sheet on a Saturday evening, so it's taking a while. :)

That said, it's good stuff. The die-cut is generally perfect, and any pieces that aren't just need a little scoring on the obverse side of the sheet to make it work.

Battle Systems have another Kickstarter on at the moment - for Fantasy Terrain. It can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1621774283/battle-systemstm-fantasy-dungeon-terrain?ref=nav_search
Same pre-cut, slot-and-clip together stuff, with a fantasy design. It is fully compatible with the Sci-Fi stuff, too - want a spaceship buried under your castle?
I have again gone for their sweetspot pledge, and may add some add-ons before the Kickstarter closes tomorrow evening.
Again, it's already funded, and just like the Sci-Fi one, it got funded within the first day or so. If you like the look of it, put in a pledge.

I e-mailed the guys a couple of days ago, and they're also thinking of doing new skins for the Sci-Fi stuff that will fit with other races, as long as they don't tread on any IP toes (GW, I'm looking at you here). They're also hoping to go into mass production of the Sci-Fi kits once they've got the other Kickstarter out of the way. They had some seriously nice add-ons I'm still thinking would be nice - the Bunker kit to name but one.

Take a look, buy-in if you like it.