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Aug. 13th, 2015

Last night I lay on a rock and basked in starlight, listening to the sounds of an older time, as predators whirled and soared around me hunting their prey and pieces of the universe destroyed themselves in spectacular fashion...

Note to self.

I must not listen to Indestructible by Disturbed at lunchtime unless I want to be seriously in the mood for a fight (STILL!) at twenty to eleven the same night.

It really does just dump ludicrous amounts of adrenaline into my system.

It's not fucking funny...

More Tabletop Terrain.

I'm not dead.
Despite the distinct lack of posting in ages.

The Battle Systems Sci-Fi terrain arrived in mid-July. I like it. I'm still working on building it all - I'm taking a piece of advice from one of their videos and sealing the edges with superglue as I press them out of the sheets. And I sit down and do a sheet on a Saturday evening, so it's taking a while. :)

That said, it's good stuff. The die-cut is generally perfect, and any pieces that aren't just need a little scoring on the obverse side of the sheet to make it work.

Battle Systems have another Kickstarter on at the moment - for Fantasy Terrain. It can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1621774283/battle-systemstm-fantasy-dungeon-terrain?ref=nav_search
Same pre-cut, slot-and-clip together stuff, with a fantasy design. It is fully compatible with the Sci-Fi stuff, too - want a spaceship buried under your castle?
I have again gone for their sweetspot pledge, and may add some add-ons before the Kickstarter closes tomorrow evening.
Again, it's already funded, and just like the Sci-Fi one, it got funded within the first day or so. If you like the look of it, put in a pledge.

I e-mailed the guys a couple of days ago, and they're also thinking of doing new skins for the Sci-Fi stuff that will fit with other races, as long as they don't tread on any IP toes (GW, I'm looking at you here). They're also hoping to go into mass production of the Sci-Fi kits once they've got the other Kickstarter out of the way. They had some seriously nice add-ons I'm still thinking would be nice - the Bunker kit to name but one.

Take a look, buy-in if you like it.


I hate them.
Reasons I hate them...Collapse )

Why am I writing about this today?
This is why...Collapse )

Not fun.


For the tabletop wargamers...

I've just realised I should probably point this out to people on here, too.
I'm not the kind of person who throws money at things. I've spent too much time having not enough money to do that. However, I do still occasionally look at things on Kickstarter.
I'm also a tabletop wargamer. I've got about 15,000 points of Saim-hann Eldar, in varying states of being painted. I tend to play in Apocalypse games, and for that we need a lot of scenery.
To this end, I was quite intrigued by Battle Systems™ Sci-fi Modular Terrain on Kickstarter.
It's interior terrain, floors, walls, gantries etc., that might also be suited for those who still play Necromunda. Battle Systems already sell digital, print-it-yourself versions of some of this terrain from their website, whereas this is die-cut, pre-printed and heavy duty.
I actually decided to help fund this, on about day 2. It was funded in about twelve hours. So I'm not trying to make people help fund something that isn't going to happen, I just think that some of you might like it if you do any Sci-Fi tabletop gaming.


Okay, two things for today, almost a year after my last update.
1) We went to see Fascinating Aida at Cheltenham Town hall.
2) I drove home.

1) is, on the surface, the more interesting thing. Fascinating Aida are brilliant. If they tour anywhere near you, go see them. They are a three piece female trio, who do things ranging from cabaret to close harmony Bulgarian singing, via monologues and some quite emotional ballads. Just as an example, they have a song about a certain hobby and another about OFSTED, both of which had the audience crying with laughter.

2) I drove us home from Cheltenham, in my new car. It's a 2.2 litre 54 plate Peugeot 407, with most, if not all of the cool things in it - Multichanger CD, Built in Satnav, ability to add MP3 players, heated leather electric seats, windscreen wipers that will turn on automatically in the rain, and stuff like that. And it was actually quite reasonable to insure for a big engine car - we used Admiral's Multicar option to get a really awesome deal on the 407 and the Megane, and discovered that adding me to Caroline's car as a named driver actually lowered her insurance by £70, capping out at under £700 for the us both insured on both cars, fully comprehensive with £100 voluntary excess, instead of just under £500 for just Caroline in hers.
This is all quite groovy, and means I now have a nice car, and got a pretty good deal on my insurance.
All I need now is to pass my driving test.
Yes. I don't drive. I've held a provisional licence for ten years, and not actually done my test. Or had a driving lesson.
So we got back to the NCP after seeing Fascinating Aida, and attached the L plates. Caroline drove us over to North place car park (all of 300 yards), and we swapped out. I wanted to start over there because this was my first time behind the wheel of a car on a public road, and it would in a reasonably powerful car (the Megane's only an 1.8) that I've never driven before, and I wanted a nice big open space just to take it for a test drive and get my sightlines in.
So there was about five minutes of driving circuits and loops, and testing brakes and stuff, and then I headed for the exit. And drove onto a real road. At the wheel of a tonne and a bit of metal.
We headed out along one of the back streets, even though we knew that the road was closed about a mile or so along. And so I got to negotiate keeping far enough right (I keep drifting left. Especially if someone comes the other way. Even on their side of the road), mini roundabouts, traffic lights, parked cars and even a turn in the road (for a big car, its turning circle is very small) on some semi-deserted back streets in the dark, in the rain, in Cheltenham.
And then I got to negotiate dual carriageways. And country backroads with reasonably tight S-bends. And variable speed limits.
And nobody died.
The only issue came when I got home and tried to pull onto our drive. The drive is raised concrete slope down to the house. It's about a two foot drop to the left onto next door's drive, and eight inches or so down to the garden on the right. I misjudged a little, and dropped the front wheel off the right to the garden, grounded slightly and panicked. I added a little too much power, and headed down our drive to the gates behind which the Morghuns' trailer sits. I got it back under control, and stopped before the gates, with all four wheels back on the drive. But I had still panicked and managed to hit brake and accelerator at once - thankfully, it's also an automatic, so the brake disengages the gearing.
But still, nobody died, and no damage done. I think that's a win.
I am going to get up a little more confidence in the 407, then start driving the Megane - it's manual, and that I have driven before but only on site at Locko, so I know I can drive it but I've never been over about 20 in it, and that's barely second.
For my next trick - driving in daylight. :)
And here are the answers from last Friday:

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Shall I do another one?
I haven't done one of these in a while, but the rules, as ever, stay the same - No Googling or other search engine-ing.

All of these are the first words of tracks on my MP3 player - Artist and Title, please.

1) Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise...
2) I just said "Up yours, Baby!"
3) Lost in time, I can't count the words you said when you thought they went unheard.
4) My Heart is black and my lips are cold...
5) Got it all too high, got it figured out...
6) Better wait a minute. Better hold the phone.
7) I heat up; I can't cool down...
8) Daddy started out in San Francisco
9) There's a pulse in the new born sun
10) You are about to witness the extent of my Cricket knowledge...

Comments will be kept private to give other people a chance to play.
City of Heroes has just shut down.
Crio, Hadron, Flechette, Piezoelectric, Tumult, Yew and Kesoth from Paragon City, and Tropane, Ankhare, Shantak and Fermion from the Rogue Isles are now gone.

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